pat“Watch out for Jason! He’s wired for sound and that gets dangerous.”

Pat Fraley, teacher/performer

zoe“It is an absolute honor to work with Jason. As an animator, having my character come to life isn’t complete without that authentic voice and full understanding of the part. His voice gives me perfect direction for how the character should move and respond to things in his universe. I couldn’t recommend his talents highly enough!”

Zoë Abbett, creator/artist Z-Boy

luis“Jason’s the only voice actor I’ve heard in person have a conversation with himself…and himself, and no one being the wiser. Just when you think he’s out of voices, he surprises you yet again. He’s by far one of the most gracious, versatile, and committed people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and I already look forward to doing so again.”

Luis Alejandro Chávez, writer/director

sami“Working with Jason has been a heck of an experience in all the best ways possible. What started as a simple request to voice a bit character exploded into a wonderful partnership and meaningful friendship. I look forward every single day to continue collaborating with someone who is as talented, friendly, professional, as he is.”

Sami Miller, creator/art director

jeff“I have had the pleasure of working with Jason in the early part of his career as a talented voice actor as his teacher for Voice for Animation. He has an immense skill set vocally and a keen desire to master his craft. He can be counted to exceed whatever you throw at him. His personality and heart make him a joy to work with on any given project. Jason rocks it!”

Jeff Lupetin, teacher/performer and author of Ultimate Voiceover

jeffg“Jason is a blast to work with! He’s extremely talented and has great vocal range. He’s also very easy to contact and quick to respond, which makes a producer’s life so much easier. Jason works very well with other talent and is easy to get along with. Above all else he loves what he does and it shows throughout his work!”

Jeff Girion, writer/director Superman: Origins

deven“Jason is a remarkably unique talent whose voice evokes an awesome presence and maturity far beyond his years. Him possessing this skill set at this age is nothing short of frightening.”

Deven Christian Mack, performer/director ToonPlatoon Casting

deb“Jason is truly one of the most talented students i have ever had the pleasure to teach. His vocal prowess is astonishing and he is one of those rare talents that it is both a pleasure and a privilege to be able to mentor. He is a consummate gentleman and lives and breathes his craft every day. Jason has grown over the years I have known him into a hard worker who is able to access his amazing prowess on the microphone–he takes direction and constructive criticism very well and incorporates it into his work.”

Deb Doetzer, teacher/performer